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CAIR Non-Shocker of the Day: Opposing the FBI

September 26, 2011

It is pretty obvious that CAIR is more concerned with its own neck, coffers, and ideas, than those of national security or Americans who do not consider themselves muslims.  Their status as an unidicted co-conspirator in a terrorist financing investigation, as well as blatant association with the Muslim Brotherhood, puts the lie to their name: Council on American Islamic Relations

The reality is, CAIR has no real desire to build relationships between Americans (or America) and Islam, or Muslims.  If they did, they would understand that America (the U.S.) is a nation of laws and, as such, has organizations that investigate potential violations of those laws.  Likewise, as  a nation, America has a need to defend itself from threats both internal and external. 

These activities involve, among other things, facts and evidence.  Facts and evidence are gathered through investigations.  Investigations have shown us that a large majority of mosques in the United States are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Additionally, other investigations have revealed the existence of activities that lead to radicalization in American Muslim youth.  Finally, it does not take a high-level  investigation to draw together the fact that a vast majority of terrorist acts have been committed by Muslims (of one stripe or another) in the name of Islam.

So, on the tail of all that, it seems quite hypocritical to oppose investigations and evidence-gathering activities that might enhance security and perhaps improve relations.

At a press conference this morning outside FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., CAIR and the other groups expressed concerns about persistent reports that FBI agents are trained to view mainstream American Muslims with suspicion and to view the faith of Islam itself as the source of terrorism and extremism.

Gathering a coalition of Left-wing and Islamist groups, CAIR wields a bigger hammer.

News conference participants –- including representatives of CAIR, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Defending Dissent Foundation, and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Council for Social Justice…

Read more about these groups here. 


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