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Jordanian King Forgets His History…

September 13, 2011

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that King Abdullah II will “…never allow Jordan to become the one and only Palestinian state…”

TransJordan has ALWAYS been East Palestine, as Israel was called West Palestine.  A little history, here, would be good.  In 1920, Britain was granted the Palestine Mandate at the San Remo Conference (which was approved two years later by the League of Nations as the, wait for it, Jewish National Home.)  In 1921-22, The Brits carved off a chunk, using the Jordan River as a dividing line, and bestowed the eastern portion to Emir Abdullah, calling it ‘Transjordan’.*

As Joan Peters documents, “That seventy-five percent of the Palestine mandate was described by England’s envoy to Eastern Palestine:  ‘a reserve of land for use in the resettlement of Arabs [from Western Palestine], once teh National Home for the Jews in Palestine’ resulted in the ‘Jewish independent state.'”*

King Abdullah, you cannot change history, but you can deny it.  However, that does not make you claim or assertion any more accurate or true.

*Peters, Joan, From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine; 1984, JKAP Publications; pp. 238-239

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