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Is Indonesia as Free as We Think? 8/11/11 UPDATE

August 9, 2011

Latest, police arrest three Muslims for failing to fast during Ramadan:

Public Order Agency officers in West Aceh, Aceh, arrested three Muslims for failing to fast on Sunday.

…were arrested as they had lunch in a restaurant.

“We had to arrest them because they do not respect other Muslims who are fasting,” Jhon said.

What law were they breaking?

This Jakarta Post article describes what law these men were breaking:

Vendors who sell food outside the set times during Ramadhan are regarded as violating Regulation (Qanun) No. 11/2002 on principles of Islamic law.
Based on Paragraph 1 of Article 22 of Regulation No. 11/2002, anybody who is found guilty of violating the regulation is subject to a prison sentence of one year, or a maximum fine of Rp 3 million (US$351), or six lashes of the cane in public. Paragraph 2 of the article says that anybody found eating or drinking in a public place during the Ramadhan fasting day is subject to a jail sentence of four months, or a two lashes with a cane in public.

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