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Turkey’s Erdogan is at it Again

July 26, 2011

Turkey’s Prime Minister has always been an outspoken individual.  Unfortunately, one of the countries he likes to be outspoken against is the United States’ friend and ally, Israel.  PM Erdogan continues to push Turkey away from the West, by sticking Israel in the middle.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan unveiled the plan on Saturday at a press conference with his Jordanian counterpart Marouf Bakhit. The Turkish newspaper reported that one of the steps Turkey would take if Israel does not issue and apology is downgrade its diplomatic representation in Tel Aviv.

That said, reading further uncovers the fact that the Turkish diplomatic mission in Tel Aviv has been almost non-existent for over a year.  All this for “an apology”?

Somehow, I think there are largest stakes at play here.

Principally, if Turkey can show the rest of its fellow OIC member states that it can successfully bow the neck of Israel (and, by association, the United States), this will boost their esteem greatly.  As it is, Turkey is attempting to become the power broker in the region, and doing a good job of succeeding.

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