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Islamist Voices in Egypt…The West Must Listen

July 26, 2011

Al Masry Al Youm reports on Islamist groups voicing their ideas on the future of Egypt:

Jama’a al-Islamiya members drove those defending a secular state out of the mosque at the end of the argument.
Abdallah Darwish, the mosque’s imam, criticized proponents of the secular state, saying they should leave the country if they do not want it to be an Islamic one that adopts Islamic law. “Grow that secular seed outside Egypt. Since we were young, we have learned that this is an Islamic state.”
Many Westerners, and Islamist apologists, will seek to minimize these ideas or poo poo them, altogether.  This is why you probably have not read such stories in the Western press.  It will pay dividends to listen to the words of the imams and scholars.
“Security will not be restored until Islam returns. Reform will not take place without Islam,” he [Darwish-ed.] said.
During a protest staged by the Jama’a al-Islamiya and the Salafi Front in Ramsis on Friday, Assem Abdel Maged, official spokesperson of Jama’a al-Islamiya, said there is a plot to tear Egypt apart.
He added that secularists are attempting to hijack the 25 January revolution from Muslims and drive the people and the army apart, and they do not want police to return to the streets.
 Of note is the comment and belief that the January 25th revolution was an Islamist one, not a secular democratic one. 
He [Maged-ed.] said that Islamic waves will stage a protest in Tahrir on Friday to say they do not the elections postponed or any supra-constitutional principles adopted.
Khaled Saeed, spokesperson for the Salafi Front, said, “We are against the supra-constitutional principles. The Quran is above the constitution.”[emphasis mine-ed.]  He added that Egyptians want Islamists to be in power, citing the result of the March referendum on constitutional amendments as proof of this.
The imams and the learned scholars are the ones who teach the people in Islamist societies.  Listen to what they are saying, because the Arab Muslims around them are listening, and believing.
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