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Edging towards September – UPDATE

July 22, 2011

As September draws closer, more focus is aimed at tiny little Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.  The looming vote for UN membership for ‘Palestine’ carries a lot of baggage.  The Palestine Authority, led by Mahmoud Abbas, is hoping for a certain amount of legitimacy.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday the Palestinians were seeking membership in the United Nations so they could enter negotiations with Israel as equal partners.

Abbas said during a visit to Barcelona, Spain, that once the Palestinians gain membership in the UN, they would return to the negotiating table with Israel.

“We want to go to the UN and the Security Council to ask for membership of Palestine in the UN,” the official Palestinian news agency WAFA quoted Abbas as saying.

“If we get a positive response, we will surely resume peace talks with the Israeli side over the various sticking issues, including borders, Jerusalem, refugees, settlements, water and security.”

Israel, rightly, sees this move as a threat to their security. Just this morning, I read that Israeli PM, Benyamin Netanyahu, will be going on the Arab news station, Al Arabiya, to reach out to Arabs regarding peaceful negotiations with the Palestinians. 

In the interview, Netanyahu says he is willing to negotiate anywhere and with anyone who accepts Israel’s right to exist [emphasis mine-ed.].


The Palestinians seek all of the West Bank and east Jerusalem — areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war — as parts of a future independent state. Netanyahu has said he wants to keep parts of the West Bank, and he opposes any division of Jerusalem.

Both are correct in their thinking.

For those who are pro-Israel, the United Nations has turned into a kangaroo court of pro-Arab, anti-Israel states all ganging up on Israel.  Any legitimacy tipped towards a ‘Palestinian State’ would only provide a bigger hammer for Arab Muslim nations to wield.  Israel has few friends in the U.N., Canada and the U.S. being the chief two. 

For Palestine, it would grant ersatz statehood to a contested territory which was never intended to exist.  In effect, granting membership would mean, for the PA, that they can now declare war over disputed territory.  And, thus, allies of the ‘Palestinians’ (read: all Arab Muslim countries) could, and would, lend a hand.

For Israel, it would mean that they would have to buck against the might of the U.N.  While I grant that the U.N. has little in the way of teeth, the PA’s Mideast partners could push for sanctions which would make Israel’s life more difficult than it already is. 

The truth is that a ‘two-state solution’ was struck over 60 years ago when East Palestine was given to create the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (formerly, TransJordan) for the Arabs, and tiny West Palestine was provided for Jews.  No one seems to remember that history, even those who study it.

UPDATE:  In another interesting move, Syria has announced that they are officially recognizing ‘Palestine’ as a state.

According to a statement quoted by SANA, “The Syrian Arab Republic recognizes the state of Palestine on the lines of June 4, 1967 with east Jerusalem as its capital on the basis of preserving the legitimate Palestinian rights.”

The statement added that Syria now considers the Palestinian Liberation Organization office in Damascus as the official embassy of the Palestinian state.

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