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Shari’ah Comes to Britain

July 14, 2011

By hook or by crook, Anjem Choudary is bringing Shari’ah Law to Britain.

Asharq Al-Awsat- Hard-line fundamentalists have pledged to ban alcohol and gender mixing in new areas throughout the United Kingdom where Shariaa will be imposed. According to this plan, a large number of posters bearing the slogans “no gambling”, “no music and concerts”, “no nudity or vice”, and “no drugs and smoking” will be distributed. The posters announce “Beware: You are entering a Shariaa-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.”


Lawyer Anjem Choudary, former secretary general of Al-Muhajiroun and Al-Ghurabaa movements in Britain, has called for implementing this plan as an alternative to the government’s attempts to combat violent extremism [emphasis mine – ed.]under the “prevention” strategy.

Islamists in Britain have been chipping away, bit by bit, in an effort to implement Shari’ah Law for several years.  In effect, they want a state within a state (which we will look at further on).  They are not asking permission.  They are not petitioning the Government.  They are simply bullying in and taking over.  It is wise to note that bullying only works if those being bullied allow it.  How the British Government and local police respond will speak volumes.

Also instructive is Choudary’s theory that implementation of Shari’ah will better “combat violent extremism.”  One argument could be made that the Islamists are engaging in “violent extremism” because they have to live around non-muslims and abide by British laws. 

A second argument, one I find more logical, is that implementation of Shari’ah (giving the Islamists what they want) in these neighborhoods will quiet them down, because the “violent extremists” will move to the next neighborhood and begin again.  By this slow, methodical expansion, Choudray and his ilk will realize their goal of an Islamic state in Britain.

Anjem Choudary is the man who vowed that the Islamic flag will fly over the White House.  He had organized a protest, in Washington, to advance this claim, and then chickened out.

However, preacher Omar Bakri, founder of Al-Muhajiroun and “Al-Ghurabaa movements…has told Asharq Al-Awsat “the true Muslim is required to implement what he can of the Shariaa in all matters of his life and to call on the society in which he lives to monotheism and apply Islamic Shariaa as it is the only divine one that is suitable for every place and age and has the divine cure for all the problems of man and humanity.”

Omar Bakri got his start as a member of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. 

Bakri, as he says, believes that Shari’ah is “suitable for every place and age…”, whether you like it or not.



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