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Why Does the D.O.J. Care About Alamoudi?

July 13, 2011

Why would Federal prosecutors be spending time trying to spring a Muslim Brotherhood leader?  Washington Post reports :

Fifty-nine-year-old Abdurahman Alamoudi of Falls Church has been in jail since his arrest in September 2003. He pleaded guilty to illegal business dealings with Libya and admitted receiving more than $500,000 in cash from Libyan officials as part of an assassination plot.


The documents explaining why prosecutors want to cut Alamoudi’s sentence are under seal, but such reductions are allowed only when a defendant provides substantial assistance to the government.

A man receives a significant prison sentence for breaking Federal law and conspiring to assassinate the head of an allied nation.  I fail to see what redeeming quality Mr. Alamoudi possesses which would compel the United States Department of Justice (read: Eric Holder) to spend any time on his behalf.  Sure, there is the caveat in the last sentence of the above quote: “…such reductions are allowed only when a defendant provides substantial assistance…”  This begs the question: has Mr. Alamoudi helped the Federal Government, in some way, to further prosecute the war on terror?  Somehow, I am doubtful.  Given Mr. Alamoudi’s associations, and history, this seems unlikely, as this report states.

The Hudson report goes on to explain how Alamoudi played a role in important U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as the Muslim Student Association (MAS) and  Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) before going on to form the American Muslim Council (AMC) which would play a leading role in U.S. Brotherhood affairs.

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report follows up to note that the AMC pretty much ceased to exist after Alamoudi was convicted. 

Here are a couple fun facts on Abdurahman Alamoudi:  Noted here, Alamoudi was recorded as saying that bin Laden hadn’t killed enough Americans in the U.S. Embassy bombings in Africa.  He was also one of Al Qaeda’s top fundraisers in America, according to the Treasury Department.  Lovely.  And our Federal Government is trying to shorten this man’s sentence.

Why would the U.S. DOJ be helping the Muslim Brotherhood?


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