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Aliya (“ascent”)

July 13, 2011


 7.73 million people

8,522 square miles (about the size of New Jersey)

Unfriendly neighbor states

Rocket attacks

Bus bombs

Center of Middle Eastern conflict

Rich history & archeology

Historic homeland of the Jewish People

A place many Jews dream of all their lives

In spite of, and because of, many of these descriptors, Jews from all over the world return to their historic homeland every year.  This is enshrined in Israel’s Right of Return which allows Jews to immigrate and gain Israeli citizenship. 

Almost 700 will make this historic step, just this week, according to

The 245 new immigrants, who landed Tuesday, were greeted by hundreds of families and friends as well as Israeli dignitaries.

The group included 45 families, including more than 100 children, and more than 50 singles, of whom 15 will be joining the Israeli army.


More than 200 other new olim were expected to arrive later Tuesday, with another 220 on Wednesday.

Congratulations to each and every one.  To the others, continue to dream.

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