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Black is White and Up is Down, Iran-style

July 11, 2011

Late last month, Tehran sponsored a counterterrorism conference titled ‘A World Without Terrorism’ (full report  here).  Yes, the Tehran in Iran.  Not surprisingly, Israel and the United States were the prime offenders discussed. 

The report above is quite comprehensive, but there are only a few interesting notes of much interest.  First, is the list of attendees:

The conferees included Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmonov, Pakistani President Asif ‘Ali Zardari, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, and Sudanese President ‘Omar Al-Bashir, as well as representatives from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Mali.

It is both interesting and disturbing to see that Afghanistan and Iraq were present at this conference.  Two countries which currently receive vast amounts of financial, material, and military aid, from the United States, are allying themselves with the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

The presence of Asif ‘Ali Zardari, or Pakistan, also raises an eyebrow, as Pakistan is supposed to be a U.S. ally in the war on terror (as we define it, not Iran).  It has long been my opinion that Pakistan is no friend to the U.S., and this is just another nail in that coffin.

A final notable is the presence of Mali.  Currently, Mali is considered “Free” according to, in their 2010 Freedom of The World annual report.  One must wonder why a free and democratic state would confer with their polar opposites.  This is a relationship to watch.

Karzai…asked Iran to extend aid to Afghanistan…Iraqi president Jalal Talabani…likewise asked for Iranian assistance. In his meeting with Khamenei, Pakistani President Asif ‘Ali Zardari…promised that his country would work toward expanding its relations with Tehran.

There is no purchase price high enough, nor can the U.S. afford, to draw these leaders away from fellow Islamic states.

The news agency Fars reported that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, via a special envoy, had delivered a message to the conference in praise of Iran’s initiative: “U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised Tehran’s initiative and efforts in holding the first international conference on the global fight against terrorism, and described it as a major move and gathering in the war on terrorism.

If you ever needed more proof that the United Nations is a worthless body devoid of any moral direction, this is it.

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  1. Jill permalink
    July 11, 2011 10:14

    Wow! I’ll say. Those conference attendees are of immense interest.
    Great digging, Treeclimber!

    • July 11, 2011 15:15

      Thank you. It does add a wrinkle to the already tangled web of association in the Middle East.

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