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A Glimpse at a Muslim Brotherhood Egypt

July 8, 2011

It was reported, last month, that Mohamed Salim Al-Awa would seek to run for the Presidency in Egypt’s next election.  While not a household name, he is a an associate of someone who is more widely known:  Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi.  There are some interesting notes on Awa’s background:

A graduate of the Faculty of Law, Alexandra University, Awa is one of Egypt’s most acknowledged lawyers who specializes in constitutional law.[emphasis mine – ed.]   His book Fil Nizam Al-Siyasi lil Dawla Al-Islamiya (On the Political System of the Islamic State) is one of the most comprehensive studies of the concept of the Islamic state and rule.

 The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood clearly states that “…the Qur’an is our law…”  It is safe to say that one could substitute ‘constitution’ for ‘law’ in that motto.  Thus, the Egyptian presidential candidate is an expert in Qur’anic Law, also known as Shari’ah Law.

This past week, the Mid East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) released a translated transcript of a speech Awa gave on March 25th, 2011.  In it, Awa established his position on several critical points.

We want a relationship of equals with the West, and especially with the US. We do not want the American ambassador to tour Egypt from east to west, and meet governors, heads of boroughs, and elementary-school principles, in order to monitor what is done with the American aid. We do not want that aid.

What had been a profitable alliance in the Middle East sphere, during Mubarak’s time, may come to an end under a President Awa.  Another way to read this is to realize that turning away U.S. aid may mean to alter, or sever, that relationship.  Addressing Egypt’s relationship with Israel, he goes on.

We want normal relations with Israel.[Emphasis mine – ed.]  This probably sounds very strange to you, coming from me, so let me reiterate: We want normal relations with Israel. Israel is an enemy, with which we have a truce. It is an enemy!

[…]Israel is an enemy, with which we have a truce – it is not a friend, it is not an ally, and we do not have a peace treaty with it. This is a truce, and it is as temporary as all truces. Throughout history, there hasn’t been a single treaty that was not torn up by one of the parties to it. Oh Egyptians, make sure that the Zionists do not tear up this treaty before you do.

[…]The normal relations we want with Israel will not be achieved by normalization, but through the affirmation of the enmity, not with hugs or secret phone calls, but by placing Israel in its normal status: the enemy of all the Arab and Muslim countries, and Egypt first and foremost.[Emphasis mine-ed.]

 Normal relations with Israel means a state of enmity or war.  ‘Normal’ also means “standard, expected or usual condition, or typical.”  A Muslim Brotherhood candidate for President has called for a state of animosity and/or war with Israel, an avowed ally of the United States.  This same Muslim Brotherhood with whom President Obama’s State Department has announced they will seek relationship.  The same Muslim Brotherhood with whom European Union leaders have agreed to meet. 

The friends of Israel are getting fewer by the day.

If, up to this point, you are unsure about where an Egypt led by Candidate Awa would stand, read on.

We want to have normal relations with all the forces of the resistance – Hizbullah, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and the PFLP. We are the home from which the resistance must set out. We are the cave in which the resistance finds shelter in difficult times.We are the source that supplies the resistance with money, men, and weapons.[Emphasis mine-ed.]

On September 13, 2001, then-Senator, and now Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stated, “Every nation has to either be with us, or against us. Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price.”  On September 20, 2001, in his speech to a joint session of Congress, President George W. Bush affirmed, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” 

Since the United States is still fighting a war on terror, which we most decidedly are, it may be time to look at Egypt with new eyes. 

If the United States is committed to alliance with Israel, which has seemed to waver under the Obama Administration, we most definitely need to view Egypt in a new way.

Now is the time to stand firmly against those countries who continue to support our enemies. 

Now is the time to affirm, in the strongest language, our amity and allegiance with the nation of Israel.

In doing so, watchful eyes need to be kept on developments and “reforms” in the countries of the Middle East.

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